18 January 1917


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18. 1. 17.

My dear G.

Many thanks for yours of the 15th, which I got to-day – much more speedily than usual as the post has been very dicky lately. The drink arrived at the same time, for which I have written to J. R. P. I don’t know that there is any immediate prospect of leave till I have done 6 months from the last at the least. Since I wrote yesterday there is nothing much to tell you. We had a worried night as the Bosch insisted on strafing violently at odd intervals & we didn’t know what he was playing at. However he didn’t try any tricks so it did not matter much, except that he disturbed my repose. He is rather irritable at the moment & what with the snow & our artillery I don’t blame him.


I hope Weelaum is flourishing, but if the mail boat has gone down, I suppose you will miss a letter or so, though I imagine he is a very poor correspondent, particularly if he is out in the wilds.

I have nothing to say & several things to do at the moment so my love to all


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