17 January 1917

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17. 1. 17.

My dear Father,

I am sorry to hear that your larynx is not as tractable as it might be & hope you are really better now & that a little rest has not done any permanent injury. Please thank everyone for letters & a box of chocolate dates & several novels. Nothing of immediate interest has happened the last week – we have been out of the front line & are now in again with lots of snow to keep us warm. It shows signs of thawing, so I do not anticipate a very pleasant time for the men. I have no reason to be pitied, (this as I see that G & O. are inclined to waste sympathy) as I live very comfortably in dry dug outs with fires & am quite in clover, particularly as there are lots of us in a confined space & consequently keep each other warm.


Tringham was back for one night, but has gone again as an acting Brigadier, what time the real one is away sick. I have doubts about his sickness, as there are rumours that he is for home, but know nothing for certain & anyhow I am running the concern for the moment & I suppose shall continue to do so for a few days, as if the C. O. comes back he is going to our own Brigade, as some of the higher authorities are going on leave. The Major man from our 1st. Battn. has now been sent off to command it, so his claims are disposed of for the moment & we are as we was. He is quite a good chap & quite knowledgeable but I am not sorry that he has gone.


Gery Clayton has come back & is at the moment acting as 2nd in C. as he is doubtful whether he is not to be sent off as adjutant of another Battalion. I am sorry to hear of Mother’s chill, & hope she has got over the worst of it now. I think you have all been working too hard. I don’t think I acknowledged the last box of cigars, which came 2 or 3 days ago & which are very good… Will you cease sending the Bystander now as we get a copy for the mess? The Autocar continues to arrive with unfailing regularity.

Love to all



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