20 October 1918- My dear Cecily




British Red Cross Society
Order of St. John

My dear Cecily,
Many thanks for many letters. I have been very busy since the
end of last month, when we began to get on the move, and I have not
had time since to do my duty in the letter writing line.
At present I am in hospital with gas but expect to go back in a day or two. I got it mostly in the eyes with the result that
I couldn’t see a yard for several days. However they are quite
all right now and after a little more acclimatising I shall go
and seek my lambs again and I fancy they will take a good deal of
finding as no one seems to stop more than a day or two in one place
at the moment.
I hope Guy is flourishing and likes his new job, seeing that
in a week or two wars are apparently to be no more I suggest he
turns his inventive brain into more peaceful channels. He had
better invent a machine to fill up trenches. If it is a success
he will make a lot of boodle and he will be able to run a park, of
which I can be the Lodge keeper and it will keep Armstrong quiet.
Seriously if he could do it and be first in the field with a competent
machine when war is over he could do jolly well out of it.
I have no news in particular. I don’t think you ever came to
this particular spot when you were out here. It is a small port
with three or four hospitals and full of Allies of various kinds
including coolies. I am looked after very well and meals seem to
follow in a constant stream and I am always ready for them. Fellowes


is here with me and three more of my fellows in another room so
we celebrate the occasion to-morrow night (if I can get round the Com-
mandant) at the local Ritz.



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