24 October 18- My dear Father

(Postmark Army Post Office 24 Oct)
No 3. G.H.
(rec’ 28 Oct 1918)

My dear Father,
Many thanks for letters from
you & from G & O. I am much better
now & expect to go back in a
couple of days, as the effects of the
gas have nearly gone. It is quite
pleasant here & I have had a game
or two of golf on a 6 hole course
near the hospital. At other times
I have been out to neighbouring
villages to see the sights & there is
always a game of billiards to
while away the time.
My eyes are quite all right, but
I must have swallowed other
gasses besides mustard &
the effect takes longer to go off.
You seem to have had plenty


to do on your holiday.
I am rather wondering what the
Battalion is doing. They can’t
be far from the push
mentioned in to-day’s papers
but whether they are in it I
don’t know.
Love to all


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