23 July 1917


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23. 7. 17.

My dear Mother,

For once in a way I have nothing to acknowledge as we have had no posts for several days, the reason wherefore I know not, but presume its because we have been moving about.

We are working our way back to the line by degrees & I expect they will send us in again soon as we have had a very pleasant month out of it. The weather is good again, too & so long as it continues we are very comfortable. We have had a new Major man sent out from home to-day. He seems a good chap but I’ve only seen him for a few minutes as he had to go off & hunt for his belongings which he lost on the way up. He is rather senior & whether he will stay or be sent somewhere else I don’t know.

We are in camp with another battalion & had some sports & boxing for


the men yesterday afternoon & a concert in the evening – a truly awful show as the pianist was dreadful & the performers worse, for the most part, though a padré turned up with rather a good voice.

I hope the potato patch is flourishing & that no one has started digging them up surreptitiously by night.

Love to all


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