27 December 1915


My dear Father,
Very many thanks for a box of very good cigars, for your half of the ring & for Ian Hay’s book. Also for the proceeds of the Reversion Company, the receipt for which I return. Please invest the proceeds in War Loan & make it up to £100 stock. I enclose my cheque in blank for the amount. undated I think this will be better than waiting to see if the I. R. people give up any of their claim & if they do I can then decide (an interruption while the new C in C comes into the billet to show himself off the hand that is writing this is still warm from his grasp; he has stayed less than a minute & he with his glittering constellation of attendants has disappeared) what is to be done with their leavings. Needless to say after all preparations for our departure on Sunday night to catch the 1.50 a.m express for the front, the whole thing has been cancelled & we are still here & they have apparently not yet decided what to do with us. The latest rumour is that we are for Hooge, which is a horrible spot I’m told & they shoot at you from behind as well as in front, but it is only a rumour & quite likely to be absolutely wrong. Yesterday in spite of its being the sawbath, I had a long day with my burglars on the F. G. C. M. but finished them off in the evening. This morning we had a route march, almost 10 miles and the Brigade is being inspected to-morrow by the Divisional G. O. C.
I had a letter from Ernie telling me all about your drive. I expect your trouble was the valve spin, & that the pram will be quite all right now the spindle is mended. Cecily told me that you had a bit of a cold, but I hope it is all right
From Odd’s letters I gather that she has dined with Jellicoe on the Iron Duke & plays rat-tat with him & other brass hats round the state room table afterwards & that she has also been shewn over the Queen Elizabeth & is acquainted with all sorts of secrets about the Dardanelles business.
Love to all

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