3 June 1917



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3. 6. 17.
My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter. It is very good of you to go on getting telescopes. We have got quite a respectable number at the moment so I would not care to waste another in the trenches, particularly as one rather anticipates a warmer time. I should however much like to have one in reserves, for use if necessary or to replace a broken one. Did I thank you for that last box of cigars? They were quite good and mellow.

We are out of the line & in a monastery we were in 3 weeks ago. Being Sunday the monks (Trappists) are now having Vespers &


singing a tune I know but cannot place – one of the Easter Hymns I think with alterations. It is a perfect day & I have been basking all the afternoon. The air is stiff with aeroplanes of all kinds, as we are close to a couple of aerodomes & they are coming in & going out all day. I saw a number of our new ones the other day – triplanes. I also saw one of our balloons brought down by a Bosch. It was a


long way off, but made quite a fine blare. I don’t know what happened to the occupants but assume they got off, as they usually do.

The beer question is my only worry at the moment, as it is my job to produce beer for the men & I can’t get any anywhere for some unaccountable reason. And they feel it very much. I shall have to steal a lorry somewhere & send a long way back till they find some, as I shall never be forgiven.

I had a note from Newton Binney the other day but have not had a chance


to see him. He is not far off but his crowd are in the line I fancy.



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