30 October 1916






30. 10. 16

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for 2 letters & a cake, which arrived fresh & safely. I am sending this home, as I do not know how long you are going to be at Sywell. I am v. glad your Our Day show went off well – please thank Cecily for 2 letters & Olive for one. Things seem very quiet here, beyond a few minnies & some objectionable things they call aerial darts, the Bosch does not send over much & we let him have a good deal in return. We are suffering on a/c of the slackness of the Division which was here in the summer & did absolutely nothing to the trenches, or if it did – did it


so badly that it is all falling in & the front system is in an indescribably beastly condition & the wet weather does not make things any better. I have been chiefly occupied in learning my way about & rearranging our defense which is interesting work & we have some difficult ground to look after However there have been no incidents as yet, except a small patrol encounter. The Bosch is supposed to have dogs as sentries & in one place near by a little time ago I hear they found some geese in a cage, which raised a most unholy din & the party couldn’t get at them because the wire was


so thick. Many thanks for the offer of a dog, but I don’t think it would be of much use & would rather be in the way, especially as the authorities are not keen on them on account of rabies & all dogs are supposed to be muzzled & led on strings. The C. O. should return to-day, but goes at once to the Brigade, while the Brigadier is on leave, so I shall continue to run the show for a bit. Meanwhile our attached C. O. is showing signs of giving out & I hardly think is fit to be in the trenches. After all trench life is none too easy for


the middle-aged & I don’t fancy this one has been in the habit of roughing it previously. I must now cease as the Bosch is sending over some aerial darts & I must see that he gets something back in return.

Love to all


I enclose a note from the Stores that my watch is ready. I wonder if someone would mind getting it for me & paying the bill. I will send you some money, if you have run out of mine.

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