11 April 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
11. 4. 1916.

My dear Mother,

I find I forgot to put back the Field dressing in the pocket of my tunic when it came back from being cleaned. would you mind sending it out to me? It is a small oblong brown package about 4 inches by 3. I also owe 2 /- to the bootmaker in the Square, Idens successor & shall be much obliged if someone will pay it. To-day is fearfully wet & everyone is in their huts in consequence. Our mess is extremely  uncomfortable, as it leaks & we have 2 chairs & one form to accommodate the lot. However I have a very good bedroom in a house 200 yards off with an arm chair, so I am lucky.

I think I only have the arm chair because the room was previously occupied by a General of sorts & no-one else has discovered the place or the furniture thereof

The men are pretty well off, as there is a Y. M. C. A. in the place & also a Canteen run by the Brigade – but beyond that, it offers no attractions. However we can get back to Bailleul for an occasional outing & I think I shall have to get there this afternoon.

Love to all


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