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2 January 1917

Peirs_Le_1917-01-02_01 Peirs_Le_1917-01-02_02



2. 1. 17.

My dear Family,

Many thanks for many letters – also for a bottle of drink, some food & biscuits. I am sorry not to have written for the last 2 or 3 days, but am rather busy as the C. O. is again away commanding another Brigade temporarily, & Peter Bye is away getting married I fancy, but he is a sly dog & won’t own to it. Anyhow he is away from the Battn. if he is not on leave, so there is plenty to do.

The men are having their Xmas dinners & we are feeding them by Companies daily & the first two have gone off very well, but I hear to-day that there is no fresh meat issue to-morrow, so I have had to spend 300 frs. in buying meat & the Canteen is nearly broke. I hope the fresh meat materialises the day after, or we shall be bankrupt.

I saw the New Year in with a win of 50 frs. which is a good omen. The following day I had a dose of an army dentist, who was quite the most noxious specimen of the tribe I have run across. Luckily the tooth was dead, as he broke 3 instruments on it & kept up a running comment with his assistant as to where he had got to & how things were looking all the time. I have got to go to him again


but will try to put it off when the time comes & see our George when I get back.

There is a rumour that Tringham is going to stop where he is now, as they say that the man, who has nominally gone on leave, is not coming back. I don’t know if there is any truth in it, but suppose I shall discover fairly soon, & then my eventual position will be settled. I am going for a joy ride with the G. O. C. in a couple of days time on some futile job, so I must endeavour to impress the good man with my suitability.

Love to all