9 July 1916

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8th Queens

B. E. F.

9. 7. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from you & g. I was interested to hear the rumours that Cavalry are ready to break through, but we heard the same last year at Loos & they will take some time yet before cavalry can do anything.

The Bosch is very quiet here, so I suppose he is concentrating his efforts on the Somme, unless he is preparing something in the way of a counter attack – but I don’t fancy he has the men & I think he will find all things prepared for him.  I was wandering round a farm to-day which used to be inhabited by Bairnsfather & he has done some quite good drawings on the walls. I remember seeing a picture of the room in the Bystander, which


made the place a very comfortable looking spot.

Circumstances however have changed & the sitting room is now full of R. E. material & the inhabitants live in the cellars, which they have taken pains to shove up, as the Hun strafes them periodically. The farm must have been a lovely place, red brick round a quadrangle with a moat round the outside & a very pretty name which I won’t tell you as it gives the district away where I am & the Censor wouldn’t like it.  We have had two beautiful days running & from the look of the sunset we shall have another to-morrow

Love to all




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