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21 May 1917

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21. 5. 1917.

My dear Mother,

Thanks for your last & for papers & books. I hope you are getting good weather & a rest as I expect you need it & from what I can gather now that Odd has done it, that you are not required to assist. I suppose she & the young man will run the housekeeping together & lord help the household as they will probably starve. However they won’t mind in the circumstances. I hope Lillie & the other relations are well and flourishing. We are out of the trenches after a fairly strenuous tour & back in reserve, but not exactly out of things as the Bosch is now


shelling our front door. Consequently I do not intend to go out, as long ^nothing smaller than his biggest could get into this place (a cellar with 30 ft of earth & trees on top) & he has no really big guns here so far as I know. The Bosch tried to raid us twice the last time we were in. Once he got driven off & the other time unfortunately he took off one of our men – both time with casualties.

Love from



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