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12 August 1917

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12. 8. 17.
My dear Mother,

Thank you all for letters & a cake & a couple of novels & papers. The latter are very welcome, as we are out of the line & there is nothing much to do except training & one can’t train all day. The Division who gave the guns was not ours & I do not know which it was – it might be the 12th or the 18th but I had not heard of the incident till I saw it in the Surrey Advertiser.

We are in reserve but well out of the line & more or less out of range of anything but the longest guns, which don’t worry about us. I expect we shall go up into the line in 3 days time but then we are to be in support which means a timed existence in deep dug outs with nothing to do our bit of the line seems to have settled down into its normal composure & things are fairly quiet there


We are all among the balloons here & they lie about on the ground & try & hide themselves behind bushes & things, but as they are about as big as a school of whales in one they are not successful. They provide a little entertainment however & the Bosch got one very neatly to-day. One of our men got one 2 days go & being very disturbed he went over & got a Bosch to make up, but none the less he has been condemned to a weeks patrolling of our front line for his sins & I don’t suppose he will make such a mistake again. Please let Mrs. Russell know that because I have 3 sisters who have been enticed into the bonds of holy matrimony or the threats thereof, that is no


reason why I should be & if she can’t – manage it better than by writing about it, she had better say nothing. I shall be interested to hear about the new suggestion when he arrives. I regret that he plays poker, but I rather fancy that you married a man who knew a little of the game, so there is hope yet.

Love to all