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8 September 1916

Peirs_Le_1916-09-08_01 Peirs_Le_1916-09-08_02



8. 9. 1916.

(rec’d 12 9 16)

My dear Mother,

I am sorry not to have been able to write for a few days, but what with being up in the line & coming back for a few days I have had no opportunity.  I started a letter several days ago but have not finished it & do not at the moment know where it is. However you shall have it if it turns up.  At the moment I am in a farm which we got to late last night after a somewhat tedious journey & with any luck we shall be out of the line for a few days anyhow & possibly quite an accountable period, but no one will promise any definite time.  I have had no post for 2 or 3 days & haven’t even seen the papers about the Zepp raid, though of course I have heard that there has been another big one, but that


no damage was done – which must be rather euphemistic, I should fancy.  Anyhow there are apparently one or two Zepps less now than there were.  This is quite a pleasant village & very refreshing after the district we have left & I can see some fat ducks in the yard & there are butter & eggs & milk about which we have not had except tinned for some time, so I fancy we shall do ourselves pretty well.

Love to all


I am sending this to 17 Alb St. as I don’t know where you are. I enclose the other letter I began.