10 August 1917

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10. 8. 17.
My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter yesterday & for others from Mother Glad & Olive. I have heard from Cecily something of her doings & a little about the young man but really know very little yet. I gather that you may be seeing him shortly, when perhaps I shall hear more. Hill 60 is the area you mention. We are out of the line but moving up nearer to-morrow & will go in in our turn a few days later. I gather that things are pretty quiet there just now & shall raise no objections as they were distinctly lively when we left. The weather is once more fine & things are drying up. I went to a show given by one of the London Territorial Division’s Troupes last night. They get the pick of the music hall & other performers & give a really


first class show. Many congratulations on the P. L. Speech which I saw in the Herald. It ought to be published in booklet form.

Love to all

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