8 August 1917

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8. 8. 17.

My dear Glad,

Many thanks for your last letters, also for a cake from the A. & N. C. S. L. which I have not opened yet, as we happen to have one or two & the Herald with the Primrose League speeches reported.

We are still out of the line & I do not expect we shall go back for several days. We have only been in the line 3 days since the end of June which is distinctly fortunate as the Brigade as a whole has been in much longer. It is drying up, but very unsettled & I suppose things have to wait on the weather, though one can hardly suppose the push has finished yet. We have just moved our camp, the last one being too muddy & damp for words, & we are now fairly comfortable – in tents but fairly dry.

Tringham has gone home for 30 days


leave so I am left on my own once more & as it is to be for 30 days I get the corresponding pay & allowances so should be over flowing with wealth when he comes back. As it will then be nearly my turn for leave perhaps it will be just as well. There is no news – everything is very quiet & the only excitements we get are caused by the Daily Express, which whatever else it does stirs the imagination.

Love to all – I trust Jane is comporting herself satisfactorily




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