22 June 1917


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B. E. F.
22. 6. 1917.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from you & G. to-day & one from G. yesterday. I was v. glad to have the news of the wedding & to hear that it went off well. I suppose the Record or Herald will come out with some sort of an account. Will you cut it out & let me see it? I am back again from the other crowd I was with two days ago as they have found one of their own officers to command them. However I was with them for a couple of days & found it very interesting. We are by way of being out of the line for 4 days for rest, but this looks more than it is as the first night is entirely occupied


with the process of relief & I spent last night up there looking round the new area we are going to & only got back here wet to the bone at 8 this morning, the weather having changed suddenly at 5 & caught me without a coat. We had arranged a concert for the men this afternoon in a neighbouring village, but it was off as the Bosch has taken to strafing the place & they don’t like collecting a lot of men together under those conditions. It was a pity, as the troupe, which incidentally is run by Newton Bennings Division, is very good & put up an excellent show. We have a troupe too, but at the moment they have no place to act in & I don’t think they are much good anyhow.


I think the C. O is going to have a short rest when we go in next, as he has been rather seedy & the accommodation at our new Hqrs is distinctly limited, viz one small concrete Bosch dugout which has just room for 3 inside & in which one has to sleep feed & do office work. From what I could see & hear of it the place is not so active as the last we were in, so we hope for a quieter time. We then hope to go back some way for an appreciable time, but these plans are too far sighted to be a certainty, as rule 1 of all war operations entails the necessity of altering all previous views as near the last moment as possible.

Love from Jack.

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