9 August 1916





9. 8. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from you and Cecily.  I am sorry the pram has broken down again but hope that Wardill & his minions if he has any will be able to mend it, as I don’t suppose the makers will be able to do anything or that you will be able to get a new axle these times.  The fine weather continues & one can hardly realise that it ever rains here.  However at the back of one’s mind are faint recollections of a little mud last November & the days when we used to walk about outside the trenches in full view of the bosch, because you would drown if you got into them.  I am glad to hear G. has got as far as Dakar or whatever the place is all right, as she should be out of the region of submarines anyhow.

I have just heard form Alicia Aldons that was from India.  No news.

Love to all




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