12 March 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
12. 3. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for yours and Fathers letters which I got yesterday. We have had a beautiful day to-day with a hot sun & I sat out for ½ an hour & basked in it, if you can call it basking when the surrounding country is an arid plain & the only objects in view a number of very smoky ash-heaps. However it is the nearest we can get to basking here. Congratulations to C. on singing at the R. A. M. concert – I shall look out for the press Notices. To day we went to church in the Divisional Cinema across the road, where a very sloppy young parson came to preach to us. A bad exchange for Frossard who has gone to the base thank goodness. This afternoon I have been there again to look at the Cinema show, which is not at all bad.

Many thanks for a John Bull & two cakes which arrived yesterday. The latest rumor is that there is to be no more leave till June or July, so there you are. anyhow it is quite possible, as there was none up here all last summer, so G. had better make her own plans & push off to Erin as soon as she likes. I don’t think I shall be able to give any definite idea whether there is likely to be any, till it is definitely announced.

Would you ask Father if he would send out the Field Glasses – I hoped that I should have been home by now to bring them back.

The aeroplanes are very busy overhead, but there have been no air fights so far as I could see.

Love to all

from Jack.

P. S. How is the plot of land getting on?

P. P. S. The National Review has arrived, but please don’t worry to send it, as we get it already.


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